It’s weird to see the date 6/23 first thing in the morning on your phone. I wake up feeling pretty good; as good as I can feel. I’m at peace with myself in compare to the previous years’ 6/23 when I would be so anxious on the day-my birthday. I would wake up with this excitement and over enthusiasm on how the day would be that no one could relate to or keep up with. In the end, I went to bed unhappy and unsatisfied on how it panned out, as it would hardly measure up to my expectations.

But then again, there were some birthdays that turned out to be even better than expected. Everyone I know and love miraculously gathered under the same roof, laughing and dancing. Those were the days I guess. Just like this one. This too is a day. Unique. Like no other days before or after because there will only be one 6/23/2016.

I haven’t even started the day but I feel as if it’s already a successful one. I woke up alive, breathing, feeling grateful.

The mantras on turning 27-

  1. Take it one-step and day at a time.
  2. Let go of everyone’s expectations from you.
  3. Don’t lose faith in yourself since only you can validate your self-worth.

Lastly, Happy Birthday love! You deserve every bit of happiness, peace, and success.