Right now I’m preparing for the writing workshop I’m hosting in Nepal next week. Everything is going pretty seamlessly so far. All things are in order as much as they can be. Except for the visa, which I can also get in Nepal apparently. My dad, however, doesn’t want us to deal with the long line at the airport and the questioning harassment, “What is the purpose of your travel?” But I will have my cousin, Suchita, in this mayhem with me. At least we will have an interesting memory to share upon the embarking of our adventure. We’re probably going to have so many memories to follow that will reside only among each other.

I really don’t know what to expect at this point. Will it be everything we dreamed of? Will it be the craziest and the biggest adventure of our lives so far? Seems like it is.I guess the uncertainty is the only certain part about this trip. No one knows what will happen. No one can tell. But everyone keeps saying that it will be a great one including me. I have these waves of feelings, sometimes good, sometimes bad, a euphoric kind of feeling, emerging as if I can foresee a glimpse of what is ahead.

Some memories are probably waiting for my arrival as if they have not been able to live fully in my absence of 14 years, while others that never felt my absence to begin with. A bittersweet reunion. Memories of the subliminal come alive to remind me of the forgotten. Not to taunt me but to teach me; to show me that I have been blessed.How I have been blessed my whole life. How my life, my god, and my soul never cheated me. I was aware of all my blessings then yet it’s not until now that I’m able to fully embrace my past and find myself through it all.

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