Dancing in the Moonlight

Right now I’m sitting on the bank of James River by the Bells Isle trail. It’s truly beautiful here; both the scenery and the way it makes you feel so eternal. The crisp breeze telling you that it’s the first morning batch of fresh air, unpolluted.

I like the isolation of being the only one here at this early hour. Not that I would mind or be bothered if there were others around but I guess it’s human nature to long for a blissful solitude.

A place where you are content with yourself and all the choices you have made since there is no one to tell you good from bad or right from wrong. You’re carefree to think and feel what and how you want. Do as you please without being analyzed, misinterpreted, or misjudged.

This probably is the biggest dichotomy of human existence; you crave companionship but equally long for your solitude.Safety versus adventure.Attachment or detachment.

It’s definitely my biggest dilemma. I long to be with someone and have a life long companionship but also yearn for my solitude. To feel independent, claim my success as my own, and pay tribute to no one.

After all it is me who got myself to where I’m. How far I have come.Granted I have had amazing people encourage me, inspire me to push further. However, it’s me who has to cross the finish line.

Then again, what would that success look like without crowd of people cheering your name at the finish line? Excited, anticipation a victory hug and a big celebration.Followed by an after party where everybody is dancing in the moonlight.

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