Dreamers Dream


I’m sitting at a writer’s table feeling an aura of peace all around me.
Everything about this room brings me back to reality and yet takes me to a wonderland at the same time. 
The quietness of the room filled with unspoken mysteries.
There is so much peace and tranquility in this room.
So much hope here as if anything is possible. Anything can happen!

The cold is not making me shiver; it’s making me more alert.
The light here is not too dim nor is it too bright.
The place where writers come, it’s a place where writers write.
It’s a place where dreams come true, it’s a place where reality is realized.

It’s a dreamers space and it is a writer’s life.
All bundled up neatly in one room with tables, chairs, pens, and papers.
It’s where you heal from the clutter outside, it’s a heaven created by humans like you and I.

God bless the soul who thought of such a wonderful dream.
The dreamer must also be healed by this space they created where everyone can rejoice.
Anyone can enjoy what they enjoy.
In the midst of paper, pencil, and countless books for their appetite.

I knew this was a dreamers land deep inside and
whoever thought of this place is an alchemist in disguise.

I can’t wait to make dreams come true for myself.
Share it just like this place to anyone with open heart and mind.

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